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Up your music game!

I was thinking about all of my families that sit down together on a Sunday afternoon to watch a football game or Monday night to watch a hockey game.

Some of them even go as far as to dress the part with their team jersey's and have game day specialty foods - nachos, Buffalo chicken wings, spinach artichoke dips, sliders etc.

Then during the week, the children go off to Hockey or Football practice pumped full of excitement after watching the Big Game with family and friends!

I wander if this tactic could be used to music lessons advantage?

Ok, maybe we don't have nachos at the piano, but what if there was the same family excitement over concerts - either on in-person or on TV?

Or small recitals in the family home for students surrounded by family and friends and "game day food" - away from the instruments of course.

Families could wear their favourite music apparel (Motley Crue, Elton John, Oscar Peterson, Beethoven)!

I wander if we would have more practice eager music students?

Just a thought...

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